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Norac Additives in Construction Projects

Norac Additives manufactures ingredients used in plastics and other building materials.  The products include calcium stearate (COAD 10), zinc stearate (COAD 23), magnesium stearate (COAD 40) and specialty blends (Norstab heat stabilizers and Norac EL and XL lubricant blends). They are also used in cement-based building materials, such as stucco, mortar, grout, cinder block, and pavers as hydrophobic agents.

Hydrophobic agents are critical for cement related products to prevent things such as water absorption and efflorescence, while improving properties like wetting and workability. Calcium and zinc stearate have been used traditionally and are very good, cost effective hydrophobes. Siloxanes have found use as hydrophobes in recent years and, although they are effective, they are also costly. Norac Additives now offers LIGAPHOB N 90 (sodium oleate) and LIGAPHOB N 90 Plus (sodium salt of special fatty acids), reactive hydrophobes that have been found to be just as effective at a much lower cost.

Norac Additives is expanding its hydrophobe product line for cement-based building material applications to include products from the Peter Greven Group, a German based international oleochemicals manufacturer and the parent company of Norac Additives. The new products will include reactive, combination, dispersion, and solution products under the LIGAFLUID® (stearate dispersions) and LIGAPHOB® (alkaline metal oleate powders and blends) trade names. 

For further information, please contact Tim Hegge.