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Quality Management

Offering products with a consistently high quality is one of our core principles. At Norac Additives, we take our quality management very seriously.

At our production site in Helena, AR, we operate a fully-equipped laboratory to monitor the quality of raw materials as well as our products throughout all steps of production. Different wet-chemical and physical analytics are carried out. Furthermore, the laboratory is equipped with a broad range of instrumental analytics. These include techniques such as X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy to analyze the elemental composition of the sample material, as well as near-infrared spectroscopy used for raw material identification and determination of product-specific parameters. The particle size of our products is analyzed through laser diffraction analysis.

In 2021, Norac Additives joined RSPO and is now offering certified RSPO Mass Balance (MB) products. For more details, please contact us. Check our progress at RSPO.org!

ISO Certification

NSF Certification

RSPO Certification